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Anthologization Anne Finch
AF 's pindaric ode The Spleen (together with some other poems by her) was published anonymously in Charles Gildon 's New Miscellany of Original Poems, on Several Occasions.
This was a revised and expanded...
Anthologization Anne Finch
In addition to its inclusion in Gildon 's collection and in her own 1713 volume of verse, The Spleen appeared in print several more times throughout AF 's lifetime: in October 1701, in A Collection...
death Sarah Butler
SB the novelist or historian was unequivocally said by Charles Gildon to have died some time before her book appeared in print in June 1716.
Butler, Sarah. “Introduction”. Irish Tales, edited by Ian Campbell Ross et al., Four Courts Press, pp. 9-31.
12-13, 35
Literary responses Catharine Trotter
This was CT 's greatest success. The young George Farquhar much admired it; it was even praised by Charles Gildon .
Greer, Germaine et al., editors. Kissing the Rod. Virago.
Her association with Congreve, however, brought CT (together with Mary Pix) some hostile...
Literary responses Catharine Trotter
Anne Kelley traces in detail successive judgements passed on Trotter (later Cockburn) by her contemporaries and by the later eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries,
Kelley, Anne. Catharine Trotter: An Early Modern Writer in the Vanguard of Feminism. Ashgate.
and delivers her own judgement that she was a radical...
Literary responses Sarah Butler
Irish Tales, say its modern editors, is arguably unique . . . in all English-language fiction in so directly linking modern English-language print culture and the older Irish-language bardic manuscript culture.
Butler, Sarah. “Introduction”. Irish Tales, edited by Ian Campbell Ross et al., Four Courts Press, pp. 9-31.
Ian Campbell Ross
Literary responses Delarivier Manley
DM was again the most prominent target of A Comparison Between the Two Stages, formerly thought to be by Charles Gildon , 1702.
Literary responses Mary Pix
Charles Gildon rebuked this play for obscenity.
The London Stage 1660-1800. Southern Illinois University Press.
1: 481
Material Conditions of Writing Delarivier Manley
She apparently produced a large part of her manuscript in a week, and the rest in a couple of months, having entered into negotiations with Curll in response to his threat that he was already...
Reception Aphra Behn
The maverick Victorian bibliographer Richard Herne Shepherd did some work on AB . In 1871 publisher John Pearson issued in six volumes The Plays, Histories, and Novels of the Ingenious Mrs. Aphra Behn, reprinted...
Textual Features Delarivier Manley
DM writes of herself as an expert in love, despite what she describes as her unalluring appearance. She presents herself, however, through men's eyes and as a topic of male gossip (in contrast with the...
Textual Production Jane Wiseman
Her preface called the play the first Fruits of her muse. She strongly asserted her own authorship of it in its original state, particularly denying the allegation that she had had help from a well-known...
Textual Production Aphra Behn
Charles Gildon had a manuscript of this play. The success of Southerne 's adaptation of Oroonoko probably inspired him to get The Younger Brother staged; he may well have revised it first.
Todd, Janet. The Secret Life of Aphra Behn. Rutgers University Press.
It was...
Textual Production Aphra Behn
The volume is also known as All the Histories and Novels. The prefatory biography, by one of the fair sex, is almost certainly by Charles Gildon and has no historical value. A second...
Textual Production Sarah Butler
Since some scholars believe that SB was not a woman but a pseudonym, other names have been put forward for authorship. They include Charles Gildon (who supplied the dedicatory epistle), or the Jacobite translator and...


1691: Gerard Langbaine published An Account of...

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Gerard Langbaine published An Account of the English Dramatick Poets.

14 April 1702: A Comparison Between theTwo Stages, probably...

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14 April 1702

A Comparison Between theTwo Stages, probably by Charles Gildon , was anonymously published.


Gildon, Charles. A Comparison Between the Two Stages. Editor Wells, Staring B., Princeton University Press; Oxford University Press, 1942.
Gildon, Charles, editor. A New Miscellany of Original Poems, on Several Occasions. Peter Buck and George Strahan, 1701.