Thomas Robert Malthus

Standard Name: Malthus, Thomas Robert
Used Form: the Rev. T. R. Malthus


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Education Sarah Austin
During the five years of their engagement, John Austin decided that Sarah was in need of a rigorous intellectual education in accordance with his religious, political, and philosophical bent of mind.
Frank, Katherine. Lucie Duff Gordon: A Passage to Egypt. Hamish Hamilton.
He provided her...
Education Anne Lister
As an adult she was frequently engaged in serious, self-improving study. Her reading included ancient classics (Demosthenes , Sophocles , Juvenal ) and modern writings on conduct (Henrietta Maria Bowdler 's Essay on...
Friends, Associates Jane Marcet
JM probably knew her husband's friends Edward Jenner and William Hyde Wollaston ; she certainly knew and corresponded with John Yelloy . She was a friend on her own account of Margaret Bryan ,
Marcet, Jane. “Introduction”. Chemistry in the Schoolroom: 1806, edited by Hazel Rossotti, AuthorHouse, p. i - xxi.
iii, v n6
Friends, Associates Harriet Martineau
HM 's social circle vastly expanded at this time until she knew virtually all the prominent people, particularly the political men, of her day. As she recorded in her Autobiography, however, she refused to...
Intertextuality and Influence Anna Letitia Barbauld
In it Clio, the Muse of history, has run out of archive space and is having to delete events of the past to make space for those modern events that turn her sick with horror—not...
Intertextuality and Influence Annie Besant
AB and Bradlaugh then go on to discuss their own opinions about population growth, citing the work of Malthus to argue that some checks must therefore exercise control over population,
Bradlaugh, Charles et al. “Publishers’ Preface”. Fruits of Philosophy: An Essay on the Population Question, 2ndnd ed, Freethought Publishing, pp. 3-7.
while also maintaining that...
Intertextuality and Influence Frances Power Cobbe
In Ireland and Her Exhibition in 1865, an essay for Fraser's, FPC considered the halving of Irish population by famine and emigration from an implicitly Malthus ian perspective.
Mitchell, Sally. Frances Power Cobbe: Victorian Feminist, Journalist, Reformer. University of Virginia Press.
Intertextuality and Influence Lady Caroline Lamb
In this and her final novel she followed the advice of Ugo Foscolo , though she found it went against her grain, to choose a simple plot and build it around a single character.
Douglass, Paul. Lady Caroline Lamb. Palgrave Macmillan.
Literary responses Jane Marcet
Thomas Babington Macaulay praised this work and other political economists, like Jean-Baptiste Say , Malthus and Ricardo , approved it. Although at least one edition of more than a decade after the first was respectfully...
Literary responses Harriet Martineau
Political economy was controversial in itself, and the potentially scandalous exposition by a young unmarried female of matters having to do with population control provided grist for the mills of hostile reviewers. HM recollected hearing...
politics John Stuart Mill
JSM involved himself deeply in radical politics, taking an early interest in neo-Malthus ianism.
Mitchell, Sally, editor. Victorian Britain: An Encyclopedia. Garland Press.
In 1823 he helped found the Utilitarian Society .
The Concise Dictionary of National Biography: From Earliest Times to 1985. Oxford University Press.
Textual Features Harriet Martineau
The second of the Garveloch tales finds Ella now a prosperous wife with many children. Drawing on Malthus 's theory that food supply, or capital, increases in a slower ratio than population,
Martineau, Harriet. Weal and Woe in Garveloch. Charles Fox.
HM depicts...
Textual Features Eliza Meteyard
The style is frequently Dickens ian, and as in The Pickwick Papers the action is itinerant and the characters frequently caricatures of vice. R. W. Lightbown , editor of the 1970 edition of EM 's...
Textual Features Jane Hume Clapperton
Her almost innumerable sources include Charles Darwin , Herbert Spencer , Thomas Malthus , Thomas Huxley , Francis Galton , Edward Carpenter , John A. Hobson , and Sidney Webb . She was also inspired...
Textual Production Harriet Martineau
For this population number of the Illustrations, HM felt the challenge of writing about human reproduction in a way that would not broach the boundaries of delicacy and propriety. While she worked at the...


1798: Thomas Robert Malthus anonymously published...

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Thomas Robert Malthus anonymously published in LondonAn Essay on the Principle of Population, which later attached his name to the birth control movement.

10 October 1802: The Edinburgh Review (founded by Henry Brougham...

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10 October 1802

The Edinburgh Review (founded by Henry Brougham as a quarterly magazine of liberal views) published its first issue; it became a leading voice under editors like Francis Jeffrey and Sydney Smith , and lasted until...

Probably October 1807: William Hazlitt published A Reply to the...

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Probably October 1807

William Hazlitt published A Reply to the Essay on Population, by the Rev. T. R. Malthus.

By 25 October 1820: William Godwin published his Answer to Malthus,...

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By 25 October 1820

William Godwin published his Answer to Malthus, arguing that human beings were not increasing to the point of being unable to feed themselves.


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