George Gissing

Standard Name: Gissing, George


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Family and Intimate relationships Marjorie Bowen
MB 's mother, Josephine Elisabeth (Ellis) Campbell (daughter of Rev. Charles Bowen Ellis ), was an aspiring writer. Her father was a Moravian clergyman and her mother came from a wealthy ship-building family. However, she...
Intertextuality and Influence George Paston
Though this novel shares some terrain with Gissing 's New Grub Street, critic Margaret Stetz finds that the two have little in common, since they take aim at very different aspects of the contemporary...
Literary responses May Sinclair
George Gissing , after reading the presentation copy she sent him, wrote: Had you not told me it was your first novel, I should have thought it came from a hand already practised. ....
Literary responses Margaret Harkness
Critic Eileen Sypher praises this novel's panorama of deteriorating social conditions . . . which surpasses Gissing 's The Nether World (1889) in the starkness and authenticity with which it represents East End life.
Sypher, Eileen. “The Novels of Margaret Harkness”. Turn-of-the-Century Women, Vol.
, No. 2, pp. 12-26.
Occupation Margaret Harkness
Her friend and cousin Beatrice Webb called MH 's early life as a journalist real intellectual drudgery
Goode, John. “Margaret Harkness and the Socialist Novel”. The Socialist Novel in Britain: Towards the Recovery of a Tradition, edited by H. Gustav Klaus, Harvester Press, pp. 45-66.
, and critic John Goode observes that her life in the early 1880s seems to have been...
Author summary Margaret Harkness
MH wrote late Victorian novels, mostly set in the East End slums of London, that express her political ideas. She was an ardent socialist in the 1880s and 1890s and was also a journalist...
Textual Production Sarah Grand
An entire literary-social movement evolved alongside SG 's writings about the New Woman. New Woman fiction, amounting to a new genre, had already been produced by George Egerton in 1893, and was produced by Iota (Kathleen Caffyn)
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Marghanita Laski
ML defines ecstasy as experiences that are joyful, transitory, unexpected, rare, valued, and extraordinary to the point of often seeming as if derived from a praeternatural source.
Laski, Marghanita. Ecstasy: A Study of Some Secular and Religious Experiences. Cresset Press.
An ecstatic state is one in which...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Q. D. Leavis
Here and elsewhere she published on a wide range of authors and literary topics, including Trollope , Hardy , Gissing , Forster , Orwell , and Aldous Huxley ; the Anglo-Irish, American, French, Italian, and...


About June 1891: George Gissing published New Grub Street,...

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About June 1891

George Gissing published New Grub Street, a novel portraying the development of writing into a trade and authors into tradesmen.

29 April 1892: George Gissing published his novel Born in...

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29 April 1892

George Gissing published his novelBorn in Exile.

10 April 1893: George Gissing published his novel The Odd...

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10 April 1893

George Gissing published his novelThe Odd Women, featuring a sexual liaison without marriage, and a number of educated middle-class women training for jobs by which they aim to support themselves.


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