Margaret Stetz

Standard Name: Stetz, Margaret


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Family and Intimate relationships George Egerton
Chavelita Dunne (later GE ) married Egerton Tertius Clairmonte , whom she had met only months before.
Her editor Terence de Vere White gives his name as George Egerton Clairmonte, and supposes that GE took...
Literary responses George Paston
Arnold Bennett seems to have admired this novel enough to review it twice. Writing as Sarah Volatile (from sal volatile, meaning smelling salts) in Hearth and Home, he recommended it to his readers as...
Literary responses George Paston
Brittenham judges that this novel well reflects GP 's love for the eighteenth century, while another critic, Margaret Stetz , deems it her most conventional work in its confirmation of marriage values.
Stetz, Margaret, and George Paston. “Introduction”. A Writer of Books, Academy Chicago Publishers, p. v - xiv.
Reception Michael Field
After being ignored (or scorned) during parts of their writing life, Katharine Harris Bradley and Edith Cooper have been resurrected in recent years by literary scholars interested in the rich field their work offers for...
Textual Features George Paston
Though this novel shares some terrain with Gissing 's New Grub Street, critic Margaret Stetz finds that the two have little in common, since they take aim at very different aspects of the contemporary...


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Stetz, Margaret, and George Paston. “Introduction”. A Writer of Books, Academy Chicago Publishers, 1999, p. v - xiv.
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