E. J. Scovell

Standard Name: Scovell, E. J.
Birth Name: Edith Joy Scovell
Married Name: Edith Joy Elton
EJS is a poet whose work spans a long period. Writing during the 1930s, she published from the forties through to the nineties, always against the grain or fashion of the time. She has also translated poems from Italian. She published only six books (plus one booklet) of poetry. She has received very little critical attention, though she ranks high with anthologists and with her fellow-poets.


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Friends, Associates Maggie Gee
The poet E. J. (Joy) Scovell and her husband Charles Elton became two of MG 's dearest friends until they died after their niece married her elder brother. Her thinking was deeply influenced by Elton's...
Textual Features Carol Rumens
In her introduction CR calls for quality and professionalism. Those women writers, she says, who have been concerned with the stern art of poetry as an end in itself have tended to be swamped by...
Textual Production Naomi Royde-Smith
NRS dedicated her work to Florence Mary Parsons (calling her, with formal correctness, Mrs. Clement Parsons), author of the twenty-five-year-old definitive biography of Siddons. People she acknowledges include her husband (for advice about old...


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