Dorothy, Lady Bradshaigh

Standard Name: Bradshaigh, Dorothy,,, Lady


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Friends, Associates Samuel Richardson
His close friends, too, included a remarkable number of writing women: among others Sarah Fielding , sister of his literary arch-rival, Jane Collier , Hester Mulso (later Chapone) , Susanna Highmore (later Duncombe) , and...
Literary responses Charlotte Lennox
In Fielding's detailed comparison of the novel with Don Quixote, Lennox emerges superior to Cervantes in morality, probability, and character-drawing, though Cervantes is superior in other ways. This enthusiastic review was widely reprinted.
Catto, Susan J. Modest Ambition: The Influence of Henry Fielding, Samuel Richardson, and the Ideal of Female Diffidence on Sarah Fielding, Charlotte Lennox, and Frances Brooke. University of Oxford.
Literary responses Samuel Richardson
With Clarissa's rape and death, Richardson's circle became more critical than they had been all along, and objections from them and other readers began flowing thick and fast. The whole novel was discussed in print...
Literary responses Sarah Fielding
Samuel Richardson respected The Cry as a new Species of Writing, sent copies to two friends (Sophia Wescomb and Dorothy, Lady Bradshaigh ), and wanted it to go into a second edition—
Londry, Michael. “Our dear Miss Jenny Collier”. Times Literary Supplement, pp. 13-14.
Literary responses Elizabeth Griffith
The original letters were immensely popular with readers (among others Sarah Harriet Burney was a devotee); their authors became famous under their pseudonyms. Not everyone agreed in admiring them, however. Lady Bradshaigh remarked to Samuel Richardson
Publishing Elizabeth Carter
The book had gone to press in June 1757.
Feminist Companion Archive.
The original press run of 1,018 copies had to be supplemented with a further 250. First of several more editions was the Dublin one of the...
Reception Teresia Constantia Phillips
An outcry greeted the publication, and pamphlets of attack and defence followed. The Gentleman's Magazine printed two anonymous epistles addresssed to TCP in August. After the second volume appeared, Henry Muilman made an attempt to...
Textual Production Sarah Fielding
This work, no longer attributed to SF 's single authorship, was printed, as several of hers were, by Samuel Richardson . But letters written about it by Lady Barbara Montagu (friend and partner of the...


Probably 10 July 1748: Dorothea, Lady Bradshaigh, wrote her first...

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Probably 10 July 1748

Dorothea, Lady Bradshaigh , wrote her first letter to Samuel Richardson , signing herself Belfour.

February 1755: Samuel Richardson read the alternative ending...

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February 1755

Samuel Richardson read the alternative ending to his novelClarissa that Lady Echlin (sister of Lady Bradshaigh ) had been spurred to write by her revulsion at Clarissa's rape and unmerited death.


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