Henry Muilman

Standard Name: Muilman, Henry


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Dedications Teresia Constantia Phillips
One of TCP 's aims was blackmail; she had considered and rejected the idea (first thought of in 1737) that her best plan would be to extract annuities from former lovers by threatening to publish...
Family and Intimate relationships Teresia Constantia Phillips
TCP married Henry Muilman , a wealthy young Dutch merchant who had fallen in love with her and lived with her for some time already; he knew of her first marriage, understood it was not...
Other Life Event Teresia Constantia Phillips
Henry Muilman received the verdict that his marriage to TCP was null and void on grounds of her previous marriage; this ran counter to the facts that the first marriage had been illegal and was...
Other Life Event Teresia Constantia Phillips
An opportunity for another round in her legal duel with Henry Muilman occurred on 9 October 1728, when he married Anne Darnell, daughter of his lawyer Sir John Darnell .
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Sir John had good cause...
Reception Teresia Constantia Phillips
An outcry greeted the publication, and pamphlets of attack and defence followed. The Gentleman's Magazine printed two anonymous epistles addresssed to TCP in August. After the second volume appeared, Henry Muilman made an attempt to...
Textual Production Teresia Constantia Phillips
The title-page suggests that the contents are to cover primarily her protracted legal duel with Muilman , though of course many other episodes are included as well. The edition of 1761 has a pared-down title-page...


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