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Forty-Second Highland Regiment
Forum Club
Foster and Partners
Foundery Society
Foundling Hospital, London
Four Courts Press
Four Seas Press
Fourah Bay College
Fourth Annual Poetry Chapbook Competition
Fourth London General Hospital
Fox and Daffodil Press
Fox, Fowler and Co.
Foyle Art Gallery
Foyle's Children's Book Club
Foyles Book Club
Foyles Libraries
Foynes and Company
Framingham Hospital
Francis Holland School
Francis Noble
Franciscan Order
Franco-British Book Selection Committee
Franco-British Society
Frank Longford Charitable Trust
Frank Newnes
Frederick Milward
Frederick Stokes
Frederick Warne and Company
Free Church League for Women's Suffrage
Free Church Women's Council
Free Foundationers
Free French
Free French Forces
Free Press Defence Committee
Free Range Films
Free Thinkers of Walworth
Freedmen's Aid Societies
Freedom of Labour Defence Association
Freemansons' Female Charity
Freethought Publishing Company
Freewoman Discussion Circle
Fremantle Arts Centre
French Army
French Embassy, London
French Foreign Legion