Special Operations Executive


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Friends, Associates Antonia White
While working for the Special Operations ExecutivePolitical Intelligence Department , AW met Graham Greene , Simone Weil , and Kathleen Raine .
Chitty, Susan. Now To My Mother. Weidenfeld and Nicholson.
Early in the war, as she gradually moved closer to the Church, she wrote...
Residence Carola Oman
After a short time living in London, she and her husband (as she explained it to her child readers) went to live in Hertfordshire in an old house that was built in the year...


22 July 1940: The Special Operations Executive (SOE) was...

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22 July 1940

The Special Operations Executive (SOE) was established in Britain to aid the Resistance in countries occupied by Germany.

22-30 September 1943: Pearl Witherington (later Cornioley) parachuted...

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22-30 September 1943

Pearl Witherington (later Cornioley) parachuted into France as an operative of Special Operations Executive , the British organization formed to support the French Resistance to the Nazis .


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