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Education Florence Nightingale
Florence received a liberal education from her father.
Stephen, Sir Leslie, and Sidney Lee, editors. The Dictionary of National Biography. Smith, Elder.
She studied Latin, Greek, Italian, French, German, history, composition, and philosophy. Her reading materials included Sarah Trimmer 's New and Comprehensive Lessons, Containing a New and General...
Literary responses Sarah Trimmer
ST 's work made a great impact. She was one of the twenty-four most-reviewed women writers of 1789-90.
Hawkins, Ann R., and Stephanie Eckroth, editors. Romantic Women Writers Reviewed. Vol. 3 vols., Ashgate Publishing Company.
The young Elizabeth Benger in her Female Geniad, 1791, called ST a successor to Dorothy, Lady Pakington
Textual Production Mary Howitt
The work was dedicated to Caroline Bowles , with whom MH 's sometimes shaky friendship was currently flourishing.
Woodring, Carl Ray. Victorian Samplers: William and Mary Howitt. University of Kansas Press.
Its year-date comes from the copy in the Osborne Collection at Toronto, and the narrower...
Textual Production Mary Howitt
The museum at Odense in Denmark, birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen , holds some MH material. A copy of R. H. Horne 's A New Spirit of the Age in Harvard University Library has...
Textual Production Anna Brownell Jameson
Anna Brownwell Murphy (later ABJ ) published A First or Mother's Dictionary for Children. If this date is correct, her first job as a governess had just ended.
It is the Osborne Collection and...
Textual Production Anna Brownell Jameson
The book's full title was A First or Mother's Dictionary for Children:containing upwards of three thousand eight hundred words which occur most frequently in books and conversation: simply and familiarly explained, and interspersed throughout with...
Textual Production E. Nesbit
At some unknown date before 1895 (one of its readers guessed 1893) EN had Designed in England. Printed in Germany,
Stuart Bennett Rare Books & Manuscripts: A Catalogue of Books By, For, and About Women of the British Isles, 1696-1892. Stuart Bennett Rare Books & Manuscripts.
with her name, a long poem entitled The Pilot, produced in chromolithograph with...


4 March 1793: Edwin Griffith wrote in a copy of Tommy Trip's...

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4 March 1793

Edwin Griffith wrote in a copy of Tommy Trip's Valentine Gift, 1785: Edwin Griffith the gift of his wife . . . . I shall keep this book as Long as it is in being.


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