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Publishing Alethea Lewis
AL chose a different publisher, Mawman , for her next novel, The Microcosm, in five volumes, again issued by subscription, as by the author of Vicissitudes in Genteel Life.
The same title had...
Textual Production Germaine de Staël
GS published her successful and controversial novel Delphine; two separate English translations appeared in 1803: one from Mawman by April, and one from Robinsons (delayed by a warehouse fire) by May.
Winegarten, Renee. Mme de Staël. Berg.
Critical Review. W. Simpkin and R. Marshall.
2d ser. 38 (1803): 48
Textual Production Elizabeth Strutt
This epistolary novel was issued by Mawman in two volumes. While in Hull, ES wrote the dedication to her mother A second edition was published, undated, by the Minerva Press about 1818.
McLeod, Deborah. The Minerva Press. University of Alberta.


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Lewis, Alethea. The Microcosm. Mawman, 1801.