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Literary responses Q. D. Leavis
The Times Literary Supplement review judged that QDLrightly reverses Oliphant's own despairing estimate of her literary achievement, and that she backed her high opinion with sound argument—even though it backtracked by suggesting that her...
Publishing Susanna Watts
SW 's authorship of this work was not known in her lifetime. This was a member of a very new genre: it represented only the third or fourth guidebook in English about a non-resort location...
Textual Production Q. D. Leavis
QDL wrote the introduction to a new edition of Margaret Oliphant 's Autobiography and Letters, edited by Oliphant's cousin Annie Walker (Mrs Harry Coghill) and published by Leicester University Press .
Keating, Peter John. “A Pen under Pressure”. Times Literary Supplement, No. 3770, p. 616.
Leavis, Q. D. Collected Essays. Editor Singh, G., Cambridge University Press.
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1957: Leicester University Press was founded in...

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Leicester University Press was founded in the same year that the university was granted a charter of independence.


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