Geological Society of London


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Leisure and Society Georgiana Chatterton
Her salon had sufficient standing for geologist Charles Lyell to write with regret on 9 February 1843 when it turned out that celebrations for the Geological Society Anniversary would clash with one of her parties.
“The Ferrers of Baddesley Clinton”. Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.
Literary responses Maria Callcott
This article drew considerable response. It was an important element in the evidence offered for a theory of earthquakes which Charles Lyell put forward in Principles of Geology, which he began to publish in...
Textual Production Maria Callcott
MC 's A Letter to the President and Members of the Geological Society re-stated arguments she had already put forward in a periodical paper against the theories of G. B. Greenough .
Athenæum. J. Lection.
351 (1834): 536


1807: The Geological Society of London was founded;...

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The Geological Society of London was founded; it adhered to empiricist methodology and did not admit women until the twentieth century.

1 August 1815: The surveyor William Smith dated his first-ever...

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1 August 1815

The surveyor William Smith dated his first-ever geological map of Britain; the national Geological Society cold-shouldered him and published its own map, five years later, which was essentially a plagiarism of his.

1849: Prince Albert joined the Geological Society...

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18 December 1912: The Geological Society in London made public...

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18 December 1912

The Geological Society in London made public the discovery, by an amateur archaeologist named Charles Dawson , of fragments of a fossil skull and jawbone attributed to Piltdown Man, a missing link in the...


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