William Smith

Standard Name: Smith, William,, 1769 - 1839


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Textual Features Henrietta Rouviere Mosse
As usual HRM uses some extraneous material: a defence of the conduct of Mary, Queen of Scots , and comment on the recently discovered geological record of the earth. By this she means William Smith


11 June 1799: Geologist William Smith, aged thirty, dictated...

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11 June 1799

Geologist William Smith , aged thirty, dictated to two clergymen the information that made up his chart entitled The Table of Strata, forerunner of his pioneering geological map dated 1 August 1815.

1 August 1815: The surveyor William Smith dated his first-ever...

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1 August 1815

The surveyor William Smith dated his first-ever geological map of Britain; the national Geological Society cold-shouldered him and published its own map, five years later, which was essentially a plagiarism of his.


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