Langham Hotel


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Friends, Associates Ouida
William Allingham met Ouida at a Langham Hotel dinner, provoking the oft-recited sketch of her as dressed in green silk, with a sinister clever face, her hair down, small hands and feet, and a voice...
Friends, Associates Ouida
In London, Ouida took a suite at her old home, the Langham Hotel , where in one night she entertained Robert Browning , Oscar Wilde , Robert Lytton , and Lord Ronald Gower ...
Residence Ouida
Ouida , with her mother , moved from her previous London home to a main-floor suite at the city's fashionable Langham Hotel , where she entertained in a salon style which was probably inspired by George Sand .
Jordan, Jane. “Ouida: The Enigma of a Literary Identity”. Princeton University Library Chronicle, Vol.
, No. 1, pp. 75-105.
Wealth and Poverty Ouida
She did not, however, have enough money. Oscar Wilde took it upon himself to organize a fundraising drive to discharge her unpaid bill at the Langham Hotel . As late as June, Vernon Lee reported...


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