Paris Commune


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Literary Setting Anne Thackeray Ritchie
Its protagonist, Susanna Holcombe, is, like other ATR characters before her, an unformed young woman of good family but no money, who grapples with her limited options in life, making what many view as a...
Author summary Frances Sarah Hoey
Published in the latter half of the nineteenth century, FSH 's oeuvre included sensation novels, journalism, translations of French and Italian works, and many reviews. She was actively involved in literary circles, and notable both...
Textual Production L. S. Bevington
LSB translated into English International Song by the well-known French socialist, anarchist, and Paris Commune fighter Louise Michel (who was at this date in exile in England and was Bevington's good friend).
Domingue, Jackie Dees. Doctrine and Dynamite. Texas A and M.
14, 126
Travel Margaret Oliphant
MO travelled to France for biographical research, noting in Paris the after-effects of the suppression of the Commune that May.
Williams, Merryn. Margaret Oliphant: A Critical Biography. St Martin’s Press.


18 March 1871: The rule of the Paris Commune began when...

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18 March 1871

The rule of the ParisCommune began when Paris workers resisted the provisional National Assembly 's efforts to disarm the city by seizing firearms and 2,000 cannons from the National Guard.

2 April-28 May 1871: The second siege of Paris took place; this...

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2 April-28 May 1871

The second siege of Paris took place; this time the besiegers were monarchists, and the defenders were the supporters of the Paris Commune , who had ousted the monarchist National Assembly.

1880: The French Republic granted amnesty to Communards...

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The French Republic granted amnesty to Communards who had been arrested and sentenced after the fall of the revolutionary Paris Commune nine years earlier.


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