Louise Michel

Standard Name: Michel, Louise


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Friends, Associates L. S. Bevington
LSB was a friend of many notable anarchist journalists, including Charlotte Wilson
Senaha, Eijun. “A Life of Louisa Sarah Bevington”. The Hokkaido University Annual Report on Cultural Sciences, Vol.
, pp. 131-49.
(a leading member of the Fabians and co-founder of the anarchist journal Freedom), Helen and Olivia Rossetti (editors of another anarchist...
Textual Production L. S. Bevington
LSB translated into English International Song by the well-known French socialist, anarchist, and Paris Commune fighter Louise Michel (who was at this date in exile in England and was Bevington's good friend).
Domingue, Jackie Dees. Doctrine and Dynamite. Texas A and M.
14, 126


18 March 1871: The rule of the Paris Commune began when...

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18 March 1871

The rule of the ParisCommune began when Paris workers resisted the provisional National Assembly 's efforts to disarm the city by seizing firearms and 2,000 cannons from the National Guard.

11 April 1871: The Paris Commune established the Union of...

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11 April 1871

The Paris Commune established the Union of Women for the Defence of Paris , co-founded by Elisabeth Dmitrieff (a contact of Karl Marx ) and Louise Michel , an anarchist schoolteacher and medical worker.

1880: The French Republic granted amnesty to Communards...

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The French Republic granted amnesty to Communards who had been arrested and sentenced after the fall of the revolutionary Paris Commune nine years earlier.

1 July 1890: An anonymous letter-writer told international...

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1 July 1890

An anonymous letter-writer told international labour activist Louise Michel , I would like to see you tied to a stake and to make you suffer . . . for I find it loathsome to hear...

1894: The first number of the journal Torch, also...

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The first number of the journalTorch, also known as The Torch of Anarchy, was published in London.


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