Air Ministry


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Employer Rosita Forbes
Early in the second world war RFapplied for every kind of job
Forbes, Rosita. Appointment with Destiny. Cassell.
in which languages and knowledge of foreign countries might be useful, until she settled for writing articles for journals, and in...
Residence Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence
In 1917 the British Government requisitioned the Pethick-Lawrences' flat in Clement's Inn and turned it into a base for the Air Ministry . The Pethick-Lawrences took a flat in Lincoln's Inn; they had also...
Wealth and Poverty Agatha Christie
Following the war, Archie Christie found work with the Air Ministry and later with business firms in the City of London. While he was not considered to be well-paid, receiving only £500 a year, the...


Late 1940: During heavy bombing of London by Hitler's...

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Late 1940

During heavy bombing of London by Hitler 's airforce, film-maker Sydney Box reported anti-semitism in the British Air Ministry , who wanted someone to make a propaganda film but won't do business with Jews.


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