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Education Margaret Mead
After graduating from high school in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, MM intended to go to Wellesley College , her mother's alma mater, which was then an all-female institution. But her father refused to fund her higher...
Employer Alice Walker
She supplemented her Radcliffe Institute writing fellowship (worth $5,000, awarded for a year and extended for a second year) by teaching at Wellesley College .
White, Evelyn. Alice Walker. A Life. Norton.
218, 222, 225
There her course on black women writers...
Family and Intimate relationships Anne Sexton
Her mother, Mary Gray Staples Harvey , like her father, was from a fairly wealthy family. Mary Gray Staples was educated at Wellesley College and entertained ambitions for a literary career, but she left school...
Publishing Laura Ormiston Chant
A prolific poet throughout her career, LOC also wrote songs and composed music for them. The British Library attributes the following (along with a number of other poetic and musical works) to Chant in its...
Textual Production Anne Finch
If AF herself arranged for the transcription of new poems in a volume now known as the Wellesley Manuscript, she did so during the last seven months of her life.
Finch, Anne. “Introduction / Editors’ Note”. The Anne Finch Wellesley Manuscript Poems: A Critical Edition, edited by Barbara McGovern and Charles H. Hinnant, University of Georgia Press, p. xv - l.
xliv, xlvi, xiii
Textual Production Anne Finch
It may have been her husband , however, who was concerned for the preservation of her writings; most of the fifty-seven poems in this volume are absent from the earlier manuscript and printed collections. In...
Textual Production Frances Seymour, Countess of Hertford
Both poems and letters by Frances Hertford survive among the rich deposits at Alnwick Castle in Northumberland, the Percy stronghold inherited by her daughter. Some letters are in the British Library , and some...
Textual Production Storm Jameson
SJ corresponded with writers, politicians and activists of every stripe from many nations, but she believed it better to destroy most correspondence as soon as she had dealt with it, and she acted on this...


1836: Mount Holyoke Female Seminary (later Mount...

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Mount Holyoke Female Seminary (later Mount Holyoke College) was founded at South Hadley, Maryland, by Mary Lyon : the first post-secondary educational institution for women in the USA.

December 2004: The Women's Review of Books, published since...

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December 2004

The Women's Review of Books, published since October 1983 by the Center for Research on Women at Wellesley College , USA, issued its apparently final number.


“Advertisement: The Katherine Mansfield Notebooks”. Women’s Review of Books, Vol.
, No. 2, Wellesley College, p. 6.