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Publishing Catherine Marsh
Within a year, it had sold seventy-eight thousand copies. It went through several more editions from 1855 to 1906, from various publishers including J. Nisbet and Co. in London, and in New York from both...
Publishing Catherine Marsh
Again the publisher was J. Nisbet and Co. Subsequent US editions were published throughout the late 1850s and the 1860s by R. Carter and Brothers (of New York) and Macfarlane and Fergusson (of Richmond...
Publishing Catherine Marsh
Further editons continued to be printed up until 1887 by J. Nisbet and Co. in New York as well as Nisbet and Co. in London. Most recently, Carter came out with a microfiche version in...
Publishing Catherine Marsh
This work made CM a very widely-read author across Europe and America. Further editions were published between 1858 and 1870 through J. Nisbet and Co. , London, R. Carter and Brothers , New York...
Publishing Emma Marshall
This was one of the shorter fictions which EM published with James Nisbet and Co. She issued others of the same type with the SPCK , while Seeley continued to publish her longer books.
Marshall, Beatrice. Emma Marshall. Seeley, 1900.
Publishing Agnes Giberne
AG 's brother Edgar supplied the illustrations for her novel Miss Con; or, All Those Girls, published by J. Nisbet and Co.
British Library Catalogue.
Publishing Agnes Giberne
An edition published by James Nisbet ten years later omits or from the title and spells Priorsthorpe with an e.
The first version of the title is that given in the British Library Catalogue...
Publishing Catherine Marsh
CM published a biography of Arthur Vandeleur , soldier and Irish landlord, again through J. Nisbet and Co. , who went on to release several editions throughout the next three decades.
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Textual Features Catherine Marsh
This too was published by J. Nisbet and Co. Information about it is less readily available than about English Hearts and Hands, but while the earlier book was published for the benefit of the...
Textual Production Charlotte Barnard
CB , as Claribel, published a book of songs and poems, Fireside Thoughts, Ballads, Etc., with James Nisbet and Co.
Blain, Virginia, Patricia Clements, and Isobel Grundy, editors. The Feminist Companion to Literature in English: Women Writers from the Middle Ages to the Present. Yale University Press; Batsford, 1990.
“BOOKS OF POEMS.*”. The London Review of Politics, Society, Literature, Art, & Science, Vol. 11.
11 (29 July 1865): 125-6
Textual Production Charlotte Barnard
CB 's Thoughts, Verses and Songs was published posthumously by James Nisbet and Co.
Smith, Phyllis. The Story of Claribel. J. W. Ruddock & Sons Ltd., Lincoln, 1965.
Textual Production Marie Belloc Lowndes
Thirty-six years after this publication, MBL wrote of the way [m]uch is left out that should have been put into official biographies, because of the writer's need to keep a nervous eye cocked on certain...
Textual Production Catherine Marsh
CM published the first edition of her conversion narrative The Victory Won: A Brief Memorial of the Last Days of G. R. anonymously through Nisbet and Co.
O’Rorke, Lucy. The Life and Friendships of Catherine Marsh. Longmans, Green & Co., 1917.
n80, 95
Textual Production Catherine Marsh
CM published, as usual through J. Nisbet and Co. , Day Dawn, another book designed to spread the Christian message.
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Textual Production Catherine Marsh
In Death and Life; A Record of the Cholera Wards in the London Hospital (issued through her usual publisher, J. Nisbet and Co. ) CM recorded her experiences bringing religion to those about to die.
Marsh, Catherine. Death and Life. J. Nisbet and Co., 1866.
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Jane Euphemia Saxby (1811-1898) published as Aunt EffieAunt Effie's Rhymes for Little Children, with whimsical pictures by Hablôt K. Browne .
The book has often been ascribed either to Ann Hawkshaw , who...