Ann Hawkshaw

Standard Name: Hawkshaw, Ann
Birth Name: Ann Jackson
Married Name: Ann, Lady Hawkshaw
Pseudonym: Aunt Effie
AH was a mid-nineteenth-century English poet who published several volumes of ambitious historical poetry under her own name. She also wrote children's verse, although probably not under the pseudonym Aunt Effie, which has been assigned to her in some library catalogues. Her two volumes of poetry for adults contain lofty pieces focused on periods of oppression and resistance in early Christian and English history.


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1852: Jane Euphemia Saxby (1811-1898) published...

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Jane Euphemia Saxby (1811-1898) published as Aunt EffieAunt Effie's Rhymes for Little Children, with whimsical pictures by Hablôt K. Browne .
The book has often been ascribed either to Ann Hawkshaw , who...

1877: The Severn Tunnel of the Great Western Railway,...

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The Severn Tunnel of the Great Western Railway , the first long underwater tunnel and the longest railway tunnel in England, was begun.


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