British Foreign Office


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Employer Gertrude Bell
By June 1926 her salary was approximately £1,000 per annum plus the greater part of her rent. GB was influential in establishing the state of Iraq (a fact which became by the end of the...
Employer Freya Stark
FS was retained by the British Foreign Office , for which she monitored post-war elections in Italy.
Izzard, Molly. Freya Stark: A Biography. Hodder and Stoughton.
Author summary Ann Bridge
AB was a twentieth-century novelist who began by exploiting the milieu of the British Foreign Office community in Peking in China, where she lived for two years with her diplomat husband. Her novels combine...
Textual Features Freya Stark
The title comes from a line in The Shāhnāma by the Persian poet Firdausi : I am but as dust in the lion's paw.
Stark, Freya. Dust in the Lion’s Paw. J. Murray.
This instalment of FS 's autobiography recounts the years from...


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