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politics Nadine Gordimer
NG 's anti-apartheid politics were formed by small personal experiences. The first was seeing, as a twelve-year-old, police destroying the backyard room of a black servant while the employers, her parents, watched impassively.
Brockes, Emma. “A Life in Books. Nadine Gordimer”. The Guardian, pp. Review 12 - 13.
Review 12
politics Nadine Gordimer
These three men (who continue to play significant roles in South African public life in the early twenty-first century) had been initially arrested, along with many others, in April 1985. The Delmas Trial, which escalated...
politics Nadine Gordimer
NG regarded it as an act of loyalty to be critical when appropriate of the African National Congress once it was in power, and of President Thabo Mbeki , who was the second post-apartheit president...
politics Mary Renault
Initially her political views coincided with those of another novelist, Nadine Gordimer , and both supported anti-censorship efforts in the Johannesburg PEN International Centre . Later Gordimer supported the African National Congress and the development...
Textual Production Dervla Murphy
This book maintains DM 's habit of noticing the seldom noticed: here the culture of poor whites, publicly parading with appeals for work, most of them drunk or stoned. The amount of information and cogitation...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Nadine Gordimer
The novella Something Out There relates a successful strike against a power station by ANC revolutionaries,
Rose, Jacqueline. “A Use for the Stones”. London Review of Books, pp. 20-3.
and explores the responses of government and of both racist and liberal whites to this act of terrorism...
Travel Vera Brittain
She also spoke to a number of women's groups during her stay in South Africa. After several refusals, she and her husband were finally allowed to visit Chief Albert Luthuli , President-General of the African National Congress


March 1960: In response to an appeal from the African...

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March 1960

In response to an appeal from the African National Congress (and following Harold Macmillan 's famous winds of change speech of 3 February), a Boycott Committee against South African produce was established in Britain...

21 March 1960: Sixty-seven black demonstrators were killed...

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21 March 1960

Sixty-seven black demonstrators were killed when South African police fired into an unarmed Pan-African demonstration against pass laws in the Transvaal; this event became known as the Sharpeville Massacre.

1983: The ANC (African National Congress), in exile...

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The ANC (African National Congress ), in exile in London, proclaimed a Year of United Action, and a new South African party, the United Democratic Front , was founded.


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