University Women's Club


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Leisure and Society Amy Levy
She confessed also that to live like Clementina Black and her sister, doing their own housework, did not accord with my own Philistine, middle class notions of comfort.
Beckman, Linda Hunt. Amy Levy: Her Life and Letters. Ohio University Press.
She engaged, however, in socially provocative...
Leisure and Society Rose Macaulay
In London RM belonged to the University Women's Club and later to the bohemian and socialist 1917 Club (named for its sympathy with the Russian Revolution of that year). She enjoyed attending the theatre and...
Leisure and Society Kathleen Raine
KR was a member of the University Women's Club .


January 1887: The University Women's Club opened on the...

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January 1887

The University Women's Club opened on the top floors of a house in New Bond Street.


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