Irish Women's Suffrage Federation


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21 August 1911
The Irish Women's Suffrage Federation was founded by Louie Bennett and Helen Chenevix to link smaller suffrage organisations operating across Ireland.
1 June 1912
Women suffragists, nationalists and trades unionists held a mass meeting in Dublin to insist that female suffrage be included in the Home Rule Bill; their demands were ignored by the Irish Parliamentary Party .
The Irish Women's Reform League was established in Dublin by Louie Bennett , and affiliated to the Irish Women's Suffrage Federation .
December 1913
A four-day Suffrage Conference was organized by the Irish Women's Suffrage Federation in Dublin.
By 15 August 1914
Irish suffrage organisations established an emergency council to organize war-relief work while continuing to promote the cause of women's suffrage; the Irish Women's Franchise League refused to participate.