Scottish Nationalist Party


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politics Liz Lochhead
Backed by the Scottish Nationalist Association , LL ran for the position of Rector of Glasgow University , for which she was in the end runner-up.
Demastes, William W., editor. British Playwrights, 1956-1995. Greenwood Press.
Walker, Alison, and Craig W. McLuckie. “Awards/Honours/Resident Writer”. Liz Lochhead: An Annotated Bibliography.
politics Naomi Mitchison
NM was actively involved in the Scottish Nationalist Party , and helped organise the Scottish Convention Movement .
Benton, Jill. Naomi Mitchison: A Biography. Pandora.
politics Josephine Tey
JT did not self-identify as a feminist, though she was aware of having benefited from education in institutions which valued women as highly as men. She gave money to Scottish PEN , but her involvement...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Antonia Fraser
Jemima visits this island on holiday, and becomes the latest extramarital lover of the laird of the place, whose Christian names are Charles Edward like those of Bonnie Prince Charlie . The island seems, indeed...


Christmas Day 1950: Four Scottish Nationalist students removed...

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Christmas Day 1950

Four Scottish Nationalist students removed from Westminster Abbey in London the Stone of Scone, on which Scottish kings had been crowned until Edward I seized it in 1296.

19 June 1970: The day after a surprise Conservative victory...

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19 June 1970

The day after a surprise Conservative victory in the general election, Edward Heath formed the government (succeeding to the Labour administration of Harold Wilson ).

Late October 1973: Britain's Royal Commission on the Constitution...

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Late October 1973

Britain's Royal Commission on the Constitution published its findings (known from its latest chair as the Kilbrandon Report).

10 October 1974: In the second general election of the year,...

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10 October 1974

In the second general election of the year, the Labour Party under Harold Wilson moved from being a minority government to holding a majority of three.

3 May 2007: In elections to the Scottish parliament,...

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3 May 2007

In elections to the Scottish parliament, a chaotic poll featuring large numbers of lost and disqualified votes revealed, several days later, that the Scottish Nationalist Party held a one-seat lead over Labour .

18 September 2014: In the Scottish referendum held on the question...

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18 September 2014

In the Scottish referendum held on the question whether Scotland should be independent, i.e. should sever its existing ties with the UK, the No side won, with 2,001,926 votes or fifty-five percent, to 1,617,989 votes...


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