National Childbirth Trust


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Employer Selima Hill
SH ran adventure playgrounds, an Adult Education Centre creche, and a children's rights workshop. She worked for the National Childbirth Trust , and also spent some time working in bookshops. In 1991, she held a...
Literary responses Jeni Couzyn
Rosemary Sullivan called these love poems, and found them tough-minded, generous, tender.PN Review admired their handling of the binary of violence and tenderness represented by birth. Commentators from the angle of childbirth rather...


1956: The National Childbirth Trust was founded...

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The National Childbirth Trust was founded in Britain with the aim of advising and supporting first-time mothers through pregnancy, breast-feeding (of which it was and remains an advocate), and childcare.

8-9 November 1985: The National Childbirth Trust held a conference...

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8-9 November 1985

The National Childbirth Trust held a conference at Wembley Conference Centre, London: The Promotion of Breastfeeding.


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