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Dedications Elizabeth Jennings
This volume, dedicated to D. A. H., was also published by Rinehart in New York.
Publishing Agatha Christie
She had sent the manuscript to Collins , who discouragingly judged that the central character was undesirable.
Morgan, Janet. Agatha Christie: A Biography. Collins, http://Rutherford HSS.
She then asked her literary agent, Edmund Cork , to search for another publisher. Heinemann signed...
Publishing Flannery O'Connor
She had begun Wise Blood around Christmas 1946. Its earliest form was The Train, the last story in her MFA thesis collection; its inspiration was an offer from Rinehart publishers of $150.00 for a...
Textual Production Margaret Kennedy
MK 's novel Troy Chimneys, was printed by Rinehart in the U. S. before Macmillan published it in Britain in 1953.
Powell, Violet. The Constant Novelist. W. Heinemann.


No timeline events available.


Jennings, Elizabeth. A Way of Looking. Rinehart, 1955.
Kennedy, Margaret. The Feast. Rinehart, 1950.
Kennedy, Margaret. Troy Chimneys. Rinehart, 1952.
Stein, Gertrude. Last Operas and Plays. Editor Van Vechten, Carl, Rinehart, 1949.
Stein, Gertrude. “How Many Acts Are There In It?”. Last Operas and Plays, edited by Carl Van Vechten, Rinehart, 1949, p. vii - xix.