Academy of Arcadia


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Textual Production Elizabeth Sarah Gooch
It was published by Crosby in three volumes. The original author, Bournon-Malarmé, was said to be a Member of the Academy of Arcadia at Rome.
Critical Review. W. Simpkin and R. Marshall.
3d ser. 4 (1805): 446
This was not her...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Vernon Lee
In this text VL attempts to judge and recreate elements of artistic and social climates: the growth and decline of the Academy of Arcadia , public performances of opera and commedia del'arte, and, in her...


1690: Italy saw the founding of its first Academy...

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Italy saw the founding of its first Academy to admit women, the so-called Accademia degli Arcadi .

1776: Maria Maddelena Morelli, or Corilla Olimpica,...

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Maria Maddelena Morelli , or Corilla Olimpica, a member of the Italian Accademia degli Arcadi , was crowned on the Capitoline Hill in Rome (as Petrarch had been before her).


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