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Employer Eva Figes
This launched her career as a publisher's editor. She later did the same kind of work for Weidenfeld and Nicolson , 1962-3, and for Blackie , 1964-7.
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Friends, Associates Angela Brazil
Visiting Polperro in Cornwall, AB introduced herself by letter to Marie Stopes , on the excuse that they shared the same publisher, Blackie .
Freeman, Gillian. The Schoolgirl Ethic: The Life and Work of Angela Brazil. Allen Lane.
Friends, Associates Marie Stopes
MS corresponded for years, if occasionally, with the school-story writer Angela Brazil , who sent the first letter on 22 May 1922, and apparently admired Stopes's work. They shared not only a publisher, Blackie ...
Publishing Annie S. Swan
At twelve ASS wrote a lyric of personal religious commitment, inspired by the preaching of the Rev. T. H. Walker , which was printed in the Christian News.
Swan, Annie S. The Letters of Annie S. Swan. Editor Nicoll, Mildred Robertson, Hodder and Stoughton.
She began writing short stories...
Publishing Angela Brazil
AB published The School at The Turrets; her biographer Gillian Freeman dates from this year an increased pressure from publisher Blackie for an annual high earner (though this did not require any increase in...
Publishing Angela Brazil
She wrote and rewrote this story three times before sending it to a publisher. After putting out this novel Blackie remained her primary publisher for most of her forty -years' output, and the head of...
Publishing Angela Brazil
AB resumed her writing for periodicals a few years after establishing herself as an author of school fiction books. She now chose children's periodicals: from 1909 or soon afterwards she contributed frequently to the well-known...
Publishing Eva Figes
EF published with Blackie her version of a traditional story re-told for the young: The Musicians of Bremen, illustrated by Horst Lemke .
British Books in Print. J. Whitaker and Sons.
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Textual Production Angela Brazil
Blackie and Son , who had published AB 's first work in this genre, commissioned The Third Class at Miss Kaye's; it was subtitled A School Story.
Freeman, Gillian. The Schoolgirl Ethic: The Life and Work of Angela Brazil. Allen Lane.
Textual Production Angela Brazil
AB published both A Patriotic Schoolgirl and For the School Colours (manuscript received by Blackie on 25 February), in both of which the girls energetically support the war effort (and enthuse over the heroism of...
Textual Production Eva Figes
In June and October 1965, EF edited for Blackie two anthologies, Classic Choice and Modern Choice. This initiated a long-lasting career as an anthologist.
Textual Production Alice Meynell
AM wrote introductions or prefaces to over twenty books. For Blackie 's Red Letter Library series alone she introduced Elizabeth Barrett Browning 's letters and poems (1896 and 1903), and works by Robert Browning (1903),...
Textual Production Evelyn Sharp
The Child's Christmas, by ES with pictures by Charles Robinson , was published by Blackie , containing stories for children.
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