Royal Photographic Society


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Family and Intimate relationships E. A. Dillwyn
A paternal uncle of EAD was the innovative and influential nineteenth-century photographer John Dillwyn Llewelyn . He was a prominent member of the Photographic Society of London (later the Royal Photographic Society) , who invented...
Family and Intimate relationships Elizabeth Rigby
Charles Eastlake was an established painter and extremely active in England's artistic circles. In 1842 he became the Royal Academy 's librarian. He also served as the secretary of the Fine Arts Commission and sat...


By 1853
The Photographic Society was founded by early members of the Calotype Club ; it later became the Royal Photographic Society.
Julia Margaret Cameron joined the Photographic Society of Great Britain , and began to enrol her prints in the Fine Arts Register of the Public Record Office.
14 January 1896
The British public was first shown films: by Birt Acres at the Royal Photographic Society headquarters at 14 Hanover Square, London.
25 March 1901
Sarah Angelina Acland , pioneer of colour photography, showed her first exhibition of completed slides to a meeting of the Oxford Camera Club . She used the new Sanger-Shepherd process, which dated from October 1899...