Henry Colburn

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Intertextuality and Influence Catherine Crowe
The Adventures of a Beauty, the fourth novel by CC , was published in three volumes by 13 March 1852.
Athenæum. J. Lection.
1272 (1852): 297-98
It appeared after CC had transferred to a new publisher, Colburn and Co.
Publishing Sydney Owenson, Lady Morgan
She returned to Colburn for this volume; the later ones which she planned never materialised. When Colburn died fifteen years later she recorded her regret that they had recently quarrelled, and had not parted friends...
Publishing Maria Edgeworth
ME received nine hundred pounds for these volumes.
Butler, Marilyn. Maria Edgeworth: A Literary Biography. Clarendon, 1972.
In 1810 Henry Colburn published another three volumes of tales which he implicitly asserted to be Edgeworth's sequel. Her publisher immediately protested.
Women Writers of the (long) English Regency. Stuart Bennett Rare Books & Manuscripts, 2009.
Later this year...
Publishing Catherine Gore
Henry Colburn exploited the publicity created by the association of CG 's Mrs. Armytage with a sensational murder: it is said that he promptly re-issued the novel.
The catalogues of the British Library and Bodleian
Publishing Catherine Gore
A European edition of the first title appeared (at Brussels and Frankfurt) in the same year as the London one. The reprint for Colburn 's New Novelists edition featured an engraved portraitof CG .
Copeland, Edward. “Virgin Sacrifice: Elizabeth Bennet After Jane Austen”. Persuasions, pp. 156 - 74.
Publishing Anna Maria Hall
In the introduction, AMH explains that she disliked the title chosen by her publisher Henry Colburn , because she felt it too closely resembled John Wilson 's Lights and Shadows of Scottish Life.
Keane, Maureen. Mrs. S.C. Hall: A Literary Biography. Colin Smythe, 1997.
Publishing Lady Caroline Lamb
LCL negotiated hard with her publisher, Henry Colburn , and would have liked to put her name on her second work of fiction, but judged it more prudent not to. She offered him further projected...
Publishing Elizabeth Strickland
When the work reached its third volume ES secured a rise in the sum due from Colburn on receipt of each volume to £150.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray, Brian Harrison, and Lawrence Goldman, editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
under Agnes Strickland
Colburn later paid the sisters £2,000 for the...
Publishing Mary Shelley
MS had begun The Last Man two years earlier, motivated in part by a desire to express her sense of loss and solitude after her husband's death. On 14 May 1824 she wrote, The last...
Publishing Sydney Owenson, Lady Morgan
Colburn included in a supplement to his New Monthly MagazineSOLM 's riposte to the critics of her Italy: A Letter to the Reviewers of Italy.
Campbell, Mary. Lady Morgan: The Life and Times of Sydney Owenson. Pandora, 1988.
Publishing Grace Aguilar
It appeared as a tract that same year.
OCLC WorldCat.
She declined the invitation from publisher Henry Colburn to write a history specifically of Jewish persecution in England, later explaining to Camilla Crosland that [w]e are so...
Publishing Sydney Owenson, Lady Morgan
Sydney Morgan 's long essay Absenteeism first appeared in Colburn 's New Monthly Magazine; it was issued in book form the following year.
Sydney Owenson, Lady Morgan,. Lady Morgan’s Memoirs. Dixon, William Hepworth and Geraldine JewsburyEditors , AMS Press, 1975.
2: 190
Campbell, Mary. Lady Morgan: The Life and Times of Sydney Owenson. Pandora, 1988.
British Library Catalogue.
Publishing Marguerite Gardiner, Countess of Blessington
It sold only four hundred copies over a two-year period. Blessington's publisher, Henry Colburn , lost £40 on the book, and declined to publish further work by her.
Molloy, Joseph Fitzgerald. The Most Gorgeous Lady Blessington. Downey, 1896.
She nevertheless persevered with her fiction...
Publishing Sydney Owenson, Lady Morgan
Aware she was sailing close to the wind in depicting the sexual irregularity of fashionable Dublin society, Morgan consulted Lady Cloncurry (whose husband had divorced his first wife for adultery). Lady Cloncurry gave it as...
Publishing Charlotte Brontë
She started with Henry Colburn . After Anne and Emily had arranged with Newby for publication of their first novels, she approached a seventh publisher, Smith, Elder, and Co. .
The firm was the publisher...


Henry Colburn set up a publishing house in London; his authors included many best-sellers.
1 February 1814
The first number appeared of the New Monthly Magazine: published initially by Henry Colburn , it was said to be the earliest monthly to incorporate a miscellany of articles.
January 1817
Publisher Henry Colburn founded another periodical, the Literary Gazette, to go with his New Monthly Magazine.
1 January 1821
The first issue of the revised New Monthly Magazine and Literary Journal was published by Henry Colburn .
William Saunders and Edward John Otley established themselves as the lending-library and bookselling firm of Saunders and Otley at 50 Conduit Street, London.
3 June 1829
Publisher Henry Colburn went into partnership with Richard Bentley (1794 - ­1871) (who, in order to do this, had just dissolved the partnership between himself and his brother Samuel Bentley as printers).
January 1853
The Hurst and Blackett publishing firm was founded at 13 Great Marlborough Street, London, by Daniel Hurst and Henry Blackett on their buying Henry Colburn 's business.
December 1854
The quality of the New Monthly Magazine began rapidly to decline when Henry Colburn 's control ceased.