Anne Jemima Clough

Standard Name: Clough, Anne Jemima


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Education Emma Frances Brooke
Newnham College opened in September 1871 with Anne Jemima Clough as its principal, and with five pioneering students: Mary Paley (later Marshall , who encouraged Jane Ellen Harrison to follow her to Newnham), Edith Creak
Education Mary Augusta Ward
Mary Augusta Arnold (later MAW ) attended the school for girls at Ambleside run by Anne Clough (later first Principal of Newnham ).
Sutherland, John. Mrs. Humphry Ward. Clarendon Press, 1990.
Family and Intimate relationships Arthur Hugh Clough
He had two brothers. He helped direct the education at home of his younger sister, Anne Jemima Clough , who became a major force in education for women and the poor, and was the first...
Occupation Millicent Garrett Fawcett
Henry Sidgwick organised the meeting. He invited the Cambridge university dons, as well as the wives and daughters of University men living in the town of Cambridge. Lectures began the next term, and MGF was...
politics Josephine Butler
In the year of her move to Liverpool, 1866, JB collaborated with Anne Jemima Clough to form the Liverpool Ladies' Educational Society , an organization intended to encourage and support the education of women...
Textual Features Q. D. Leavis
QDL 's review constitutes a personal and professional attack on Woolf, based primarily on three fronts: education, domesticity, and class. A footnote asserts that Woolf commenting on women's institutional education is voicing an opinion on...
Textual Production Harriet Martineau
These collections supply parts of HM 's correspondence with Matthew Arnold , Charlotte Brontë , Jane Welsh Carlyle , John Chapman , Maria Weston Chapman , Anne Jemima Clough , Samuel Courtauld , Ralph Waldo Emerson


Anne Jemima Clough and Josephine Butler founded the Liverpool Ladies' Educational Society to provide a serious course of lectures for women.
Anne Jemima Clough organised Lectures for Ladies throughout Northern England.
Newnham College for women was founded in Cambridge.
early June 1890
Philippa Fawcett of Newnham College, Cambridge , was placed above the Senior Wrangler in the university's mathematics results.
Late October 1921
Following the vote against full membership of Cambridge University for women, female students had to enter lectures through mobs of barracking male students.