Emily Eden

Standard Name: Eden, Emily
Birth Name: Emily Eden
Styled: the Honourable
Shortly after the middle of the nineteenth century, EE published two novels (one of them begun during the 1830s) and a volume of her letters from India. She also published a collection of her water-colour sketches, and further letters reached print after her death.
Watercolour portrait of Emily Eden by Simon Jacques Rochard, August 1835. She sits in a chair with her left hand its arm, and her right hand reaching down to a small spaniel-type dog has its paws on her knee. She wears a billowy gown patterned with blue and pink stripes and decorated with bows and ruffles at collar and shoulders. She wears her hair up in a high bun with pink ribbons at each side of her head.
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Friends, Associates Lucie Duff Gordon
Her friends and acquaintances included (besides Caroline Norton , a particularly close friend) politicians Lord Lansdowne and Lord Monteagle ; writers William Thackeray , Charles Dickens , Emily Eden , Elliot Warburton , Alfred Tennyson
Intertextuality and Influence Jan Morris
Compared with its predecessor, said Johns , this volume reflects a growing awareness of the iniquities of the imperial system.
Johns, Derek. Ariel. A Literary Life of Jan Morris. Faber and Faber, 2016.
It opens on a female observer of empire, the witty and accomplishedEmily Eden
Literary responses Lady Cynthia Asquith
Lord David Cecil , a literary historian and a correspondent of LCA , thought her letters just as amusing and charming and individual as those of Dorothy Osborne , Lady Sarah Lennox , Jane Welsh Carlyle , or Emily Eden .
Beauman, Nicola. Cynthia Asquith. Hamish Hamilton, 1987.
Literary responses Isabella Neil Harwood
This novel generated a large amount of attention and positive reviews. They all made some points in common: they loved the plot, the way Minnie/Minna's character developed, the originality and the sustained interest it provided...
Residence Mary Anne Barker
She spent more than four years (including a period of home leave) on Mauritius. She had a long-standing interest in the island, first awoken by Bernardin de Saint-Pierre 's Paul et Virginie and further...
Textual Production Emma Marshall
EM published through Seeley her novel Helen's Diary; or, Thirty Years Ago, set in Wells, which brought her a particularly appreciative letter from a Miss Eden, a niece of writer Emily Eden .
Marshall, Beatrice. Emma Marshall. Seeley, 1900.
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1937 (10 December 1864)


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