Mary Brunton

Standard Name: Brunton, Mary
Birth Name: Mary Balfour
Married Name: Mary Brunton
Pseudonym: The Author of Self-Control
MB , whose early-nineteenth-century writing career was cut short by her early death, was a highly intelligent, moralistic novelist, who also left journals, prayers, and some letters.
Stipple head-and-shoulders engraving of Mary Brunton by Henry Meyer after William John Thomson, 1833. She is wearing a dress with a low, square, lace-trimmed neckline and puffed, short sleeves, a shawl over one arm, and a string of pearls. Dark curls frame her face.
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Like other nineteeth-century travellers (the trend is visible in Mary Brunton in 1812) she visited social and charitable institutions—[s]chools, hospitals, prisons, and asylums—as well as historic houses, castles, and beauty spots.
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9 August 1838
The Hampstead circulating library, intended for the middling and lower ranks, which had stocked no novels on principle except those of Scott and Edgeworth , found these were borrowed so much more often than...