Benjamin Disraeli

Standard Name: Disraeli, Benjamin


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Characters Rosina Bulwer Lytton, Baroness Lytton
It opens with a Notice attacking her critics, the same gang of male and female Infamies employed before by the great Literary Bombastes.
Rosina Bulwer Lytton, Baroness Lytton,. Very Successful!. Whitaker, 1856.
The heroine is a woman who rashly married and is now...
Cultural formation Gladys Henrietta Schütze
Her family were British members of prosperous, successful Jewry. In 1884 D'Israeli had only been dead four years and tolerance was very much the order of the day. So that anti-semitism was at a very...
Cultural formation L. E. L.
There are indications, however, that a rather suspect class standing contributed along with somewhat bohemian behaviour to the difficulty she had about weathering scandal. Benjamin Disraeli famously and snobbishly wrote of a party at the
Education Agatha Christie
By the time Agatha was born, Clara Miller believed that girls ought not to learn to read before the age of eight. Defiantly, Agatha taught herself to read at five. She eagerly devoured Lewis Carroll
Education Isabella Banks
Her education was supplemented both by a good home library and by her parents' wide cultural circle. She led a lively social life in Manchester, attending Anti-Corn Law League bazaars, and soirées at the Manchester Athenæum
Education Stella Gibbons
SG learned to read fairly late, but then read voraciously. The glowing Eastern landscapes and brilliant figures
Oliver, Reggie. Out of the Woodshed: A Portrait of Stella Gibbons. Bloomsbury, 1998.
of Disraeli 's Alroy and Thomas Moore 's Lalla Rookh made a particular impression. She also developed...
Family and Intimate relationships Agatha Christie
Max Mallowan worked for Leonard and Katharine Woolley on their archaeological dig in Ur. He and AC met when she returned to Ur for a second visit in February 1930. They spent a good deal...
Family and Intimate relationships Naomi Jacob
NJ 's father, Samuel Jacob , had started life in Germany, the country to which his father had fled as a boy from Poland, after his parents were killed in pogroms. Longer ago...
Family and Intimate relationships May Edginton
Francis Baily was a novelist and one-time editor of Royal Magazine. It was in the context of the magazine that they met, as ME was one of its contributors. Baily was the author from...
Family and Intimate relationships Marguerite Gardiner, Countess of Blessington
Blessington's past made her notorious, as did her continuing association with Count D'Orsay . Her biographer J. Fitzgerald Molloy claims there was no foundation to the rumours that the two were lovers; editor Ernest J. Lovell
Family and Intimate relationships Lady Ottoline Morrell
After the widowed Mrs Bentinck's stepson Arthur became the sixth Duke of Portland, Prime Minister Disraeli , whose career had been greatly assisted by the Bentincks, prevailed upon Queen Victoria to create her Baroness Bolsover...
Fictionalization Augusta Ada Byron
AAB has appeared as a central character in numerous literary works ranging from Disraeli 's novel Venetia, 1837, to Arthur C. Clarke 's The Ghost from the Grand Banks, 1990. In the world...
Fictionalization Caroline Norton
CN was depicted as Berengaria Montford by Disraeli in Endymion (written in the 1830s but unpublished until 1880). George Meredith said he based the heroine of Diana of the Crossways, 1885, partly on her...
Fictionalization Lady Caroline Lamb
The other great love of her life, her husband, was equally productive for fictionalized versions of her character and doings. The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography cites among novels dealing with her marriage Thomas Lister
Fictionalization Charlotte Guest
Lady CG 's friend Benjamin Disraeli portrayed her in her unmarried youth in Sybil, 1845, as Lady Joan Fitz Warene, who is not quite beautiful but intellectually brilliant.
Obey, Erica. The Wunderkammer of Lady Charlotte Guest. Lehigh University Press, 2007.
Her fame for later generations...


Benjamin Disraeli 's first publication, A True Story, appeared in The Indicator.
April 1826
Benjamin Disraeli anonymously published his novelVivian Grey; a continuation appeared in 1827.
12 July 1839
Thomas Attwood and John Fielden proposed consideration by the House of Commons of a petition for universal manhood suffrage bearing a million signatures.
December 1839
Thomas Carlyle published his essayChartism, bearing the date of 1840.
By 18 May 1844
Benjamin Disraeli published Coningsby, the first book of the Young England trilogy for which he is best known, and an example of the social problem novel.
By 12 May 1845
Benjamin Disraeli published his condition-of-England novelSybil, or The Two Nations.
By 12 May 1845
Benjamin Disraeli published his condition-of-England novelSybil, or The Two Nations.
March 1847
Benjamin Disraeli published his novelTancred.
March 1847
Benjamin Disraeli published his novelTancred.
2 August 1858
Government and military control of India was transferred by the Government of India Act from the East India Company to the British Crown after the successful suppression of the Indian Mutiny by the British army.
27 April 1866
Benjamin Disraeli , leader of the opposition to the Liberal government, argued that if there is to be universal suffrage, women have as much right to vote as men.
Mitchell, Sally. Frances Power Cobbe: Victorian Feminist, Journalist, Reformer. University of Virginia Press, 2004.
27 February 1868
Benjamin Disraeli , a Conservative , became Prime Minister following the resignation of the Earl of Derby .
3 December 1868
Following the first general election after the Second Reform Act of the previous year, William Gladstone , a Liberal , formed the government in succession to ConservativeBenjamin Disraeli .
20 February 1874
Conservative leader Benjamin Disraeli formed the government for a second time, in succession to Gladstone 's Liberal government.
24 April 1877
Russia declared war on Turkey, initiating the last Russo-Turkish war.