Robert Lee Wolff

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Education Mary Elizabeth Braddon
Later in life, she did Latin translation with her children and taught herself some Greek, in hopes, according to biographer and critic Robert Lee Wolff , of remedying the deficiency in her education that caused...
Family and Intimate relationships Mary Elizabeth Braddon
While appearing on stage MEB must have found it a challenge to protect herself from unwanted sexual attentions. She attracted the attention, apparently without meeting disapproval from her mother, of newspaper proprietor Charles Bray (who...
Literary responses Mary Elizabeth Braddon
The Athenæum praised MEB 's command of English and avoidance of sensationalism in this work.
Athenæum. J. Lection.
3164 (1888): 759
Her biographer Robert Lee Wolff judged it to be the best of all her sensation novels.
Burmester, James, Rosamund Burmester, and Emma Pound. English Books. James Burmester Rare Books, 1985.
69: 36
Literary responses Mary Elizabeth Braddon
Critic Robert Lee Wolff places this among MEB 's best works for its psychological delicacy and stylistic economy and its bold treatment of physical love.
Wolff, Robert Lee. Sensational Victorian. Garland, 1979.
392, 395
Literary responses Mary Elizabeth Braddon
Margaret Oliphant 's critique of the sensation novel in 1867 relied heavily on attacking MEB 's reputation. The best she would say was that some of Braddon's works deserved some of their success. Braddon's sole...
Literary responses May Laffan
This book sold well, and remains ML 's most successful novel.
Kahn, Helena Kelleher. Late Nineteenth-Century Ireland’s Political and Religious Controversies in the Fiction of May Laffan Hartley. ELT, 2005.
Some initial reviews were favourable, but most afforded Hogan, M.P. at best lukewarm praise. The Protestant, Unionist Dublin University Magazine declared that though...
Literary responses Mary Augusta Ward
MAW 's meticulous character study and tragic love story is sometimes considered her best novel. It was positively received by George Meredith , Sir J. M. Barrie , and Henry James. James wrote to her...
Literary responses Mary Elizabeth Braddon
Robert Lee Wolff considers this, with Joshua Haggard's Daughter, one of her two masterpieces.
Wolff, Robert Lee. Sensational Victorian. Garland, 1979.
Publishing Annie Keary
She had worked on this novel both at Pégomas near Cannes in the South of France and at her home in Kensington. For some reason she found none of her usual pleasure in composition...
Publishing May Laffan
A new edition of Hogan, M.P. appeared from Macmillan in 1881 (reissued in 1883), and a New York edition from G. Munro in 1882. The novel was thereafter out of print until Garland Publishing reprinted...
Publishing Mary Elizabeth Braddon
From late 1861 MEB published in her future husband John Maxwell 's Temple Bar, edited by George Augustus Sala , a periodical which aimed to compete with the prestigious Cornhill Magazine.
Wolff, Robert Lee. Sensational Victorian. Garland, 1979.
Publishing Mary Elizabeth Braddon
A subplot excised in revision as Henry Dunbar was recycled into the short story Lost and Found: this removed the bigamy and blackmail from the novel. This time the novel in book form was...
Publishing Charlotte Riddell
A New York edition from Harper, compressing three volumes to one, appeared the following year. A Garland facsimile appeared in 1979 in a series on Ireland and Irish politics, with an introduction by Robert Lee Wolff
Textual Features Mary Elizabeth Braddon
By Robert Lee Wolff 's estimate this novel (based on E.T.A. Hoffmann 's story of the doppelgänger) was her forty-eighth novel. He judges it, like her other late three-volume works, a feeble effort.
Wolff, Robert Lee. Sensational Victorian. Garland, 1979.
Textual Features Mary Elizabeth Braddon
The slight psychological interest of this story is overshadowed, however, by a fascination with Helen's rescuer, aesthete and poet Daniel Lester, who in his larger-than-life physical presence and flamboyant personality is patently Wilde . Lester...


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