Henri Bergson

Standard Name: Bergson, Henri


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Education Evelyn Underhill
She did not take advantage of her opportunity to study theology while at the Anglican foundation of King's, but became interested in religion through reading philsophy and poetry from her father's library. Plotinus , St Augustine
Family and Intimate relationships Betty Miller
BM 's mother, Sara (Bergson) Spiro , a Swede of Polish descent, was related to the influential French philosopher Henri Bergson . She had been a teacher in Sweden.
Miller, Sarah, and Betty Miller. “Introduction”. On the Side of the Angels, Virago, 1985, p. vii - xviii.
Friends, Associates Mina Loy
She and Dodge shared many interests, including Henri Bergson , whose work they read together.
Burke, Carolyn. Becoming Modern: The Life of Mina Loy. Farrar, Straus, Giroux, 1996.
Literary responses Muriel Spark
Graham Greene offered the same accolade as for her previous novel, recognizing its disappointing reception with: What fools the reviewers have been.
Greene, Graham. Graham Greene. A Life in Letters. Greene, RichardEditor , Alfred A. Knopf, 2007.
A. S. Byatt admired the mocking and sinister games played by the...
politics Dora Marsden
DM judged The Ego and His Ownthe most powerful book that has ever emerged from a single mind.
Garner, Les. A Brave and Beautiful Spirit: Dora Marsden, 1882-1960. Avebury, 1990.
104, 121
She adopted Stirner's emphasis on individualism and anti-intellectualism, and began writing against political movements...
Reception Dorothy Richardson
DR 's work was also informed by other less-recognized sources, particularly Henry James 's The Ambassadors, 1903. After reading this, she called James's narrative approach the first completely satisfying way of writing a novel...
Textual Features Evelyn Underhill
Indeed, the book can be seen as an attempt to draw the outline for mysticism as a discipline, with its own history, goals, and methods. It is presented as being related to yet distinct from...
Textual Features Florence Farr
The text addresses a number of issues affecting women, including suffrage, inadequate incomes, divorce legislation, and attitudes toward motherhood. Farr's immersion in mysticism and the occult is often evident, as when she advises her women...
Textual Features Dora Marsden
Regarding the influence on each other of Imagism and Marsden's egoism, Andrew Thacker notes their shared emphases (from Bergson ) on the weaknesses of abstract rhetoric in art and politics, and their valuing of intuition...
Textual Features Dora Marsden
DM contributed essays to the re-named journal, often on egoist and linguistic philosophies, until it folded in late 1919. In these she engaged variously with Stirner , Nietzsche , Bergson , and Berkeley , among...
Textual Production Marcel Proust
MP was tormented by illness throughout his life, forcing him to write at night in bed in notebooks that were then transcribed by typists. Proustian writing is characterized by extended psychological reportage, episodes of involuntary...
Textual Production Dorothy Richardson
In her correspondence Richardson addresses a great range of topics, including her own varied reading. She comments on women writers from Julian of Norwich through Jane Austen , Emily and Charlotte Brontë , George Eliot
Textual Production May Sinclair
MS published A Defence of Idealism, in which she regretted having to refute those whose work she greatly admired: Samuel Butler , Henri Bergson , William James , Bertrand Russell , and others.
Boll, Theophilus E. M. Miss May Sinclair: Novelist: A Biographical and Critical Introduction. Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 1973.
112, 258
Textual Production Jane Ellen Harrison
JEH had been considering Themis since about 1907, when she felt that recent archaeological, sociological, and other developments rendered her Prolegomena somewhat outdated.
Robinson, Annabel. The Life and Work of Jane Ellen Harrison. Oxford University Press, 2001.
Her re-thought principles are heavily influenced by various writings by Nietzsche
Textual Production Vernon Lee
One of her main subjects here is William James (recently deceased), whose theory of and experiments in pragmatism—particularly his emphasis on the will to believe—Lee disputes in favour of those explored by Charles Sanders Peirce


An authorised English translation of Henri Bergson 's Laughter appeared, by Cloudesley Brereton and Fred Rothwell .