Max Stirner

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politics Dora Marsden
In this new course Marsden was strongly influenced by the work of philosopher Max Stirner (1806-56), who published The Ego and His Own in 1845.
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Stirner's ideal human has been described as the egoist, the...
Textual Features Dora Marsden
DM 's thinking and the new journal's focus were strongly influenced by egoist philosopher Max Stirner , whose best-known work, The Ego and His Own (1844), Marsden eulogized in The New Freewoman of 1 September...
Textual Features Dora Marsden
DM contributed essays to the re-named journal, often on egoist and linguistic philosophies, until it folded in late 1919. In these she engaged variously with Stirner , Nietzsche , Bergson , and Berkeley , among...


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