Standard Name: Theocritus


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Intertextuality and Influence Elizabeth Carter
EC headed To Miss Talbot, another poem of friendship written in or after 1754, with a line of Theocritus quoted in Greek. The line describes a calm sea and hushed wind, yet it comes...
Occupation R. D. Blackmore
He published several volumes of poetry and translated works by Theocritus and Virgil . He found the occupation of novelist extremely profitable, and used most of his revenue from writing to fund his horticultural endeavours...
Textual Features Rosamund Marriott Watson
Her introduction demonstrates a good knowledge of ancient Greek poetry and its publication history. In addition to selections by Plato and Theocritus , the book includes single poems by Sappho and Erinna .
Watson, Rosamund Marriott, editor. Selections from the Greek Anthology. W. Scott, 1901.
Textual Features Anna Jane Vardill
AJV translates from Sappho , Anacreon , Alcæus , Theocritus , Horace , and more recent poets: Petrarch and Camoens . She includes several charity poems: the one already published in aid of the Refuge for the Destitute
Textual Production Anne Francis
AF explains in her preliminary discourse (dated 24 July 1781) that she began by making a prose translation. Then she endeavour[ed] to soften, with the flow of numbers, the rugged, inharmonious style of literal translation...


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