Anne Francis

Standard Name: Francis, Anne
Birth Name: Anne Gittins
Indexed Name: Ann Francis
Used Form: A. F.
AF was both a scholar and a poet. Her four poetry volumes, published during the 1780s, are closely and ambitiously related to the traditions of classical, biblical, and English literature. Her collected volume shows that she wrote across most of the forms and styles then fashionable. During the radical 1790s she took to periodical and broadside publication to bolster the reactionary side of the political divide.


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Friends, Associates Mariana Starke
From at least the late 1770s MS and her family were on terms of close friendship with Eliza and William Hayley ; Mariana's earliest extant letter to Eliza Hayley is dated 22 December 1780. William...
Leisure and Society Mariana Starke
MS and her family were great supporters of literature through the subscription system. She subscribed in 1781 to Anne Francis 's Poetical Translation of the Song of Solomon, from the original Hebrew, which was...
Textual Production Elizabeth Moody
There is an unexplained gap in her reviewing between August 1791 and January 1800. Four of her reviews were co-authored: with Ralph Griffiths , his son George , or her husband .
Waters, Mary A. British Women Writers and the Profession of Literary Criticism, 1789-1832. Palgrave Macmillan.
141 and n32, 143
Textual Production Eglinton Wallace
It appeared in two different editions put out this year through the different publishers T. Hookham , and Debrett . The Debrett edition lists the price, one shilling and sixpence, on the title-page.
“Eighteenth Century Collections Online”. Gale Databases.
Goethe's novel...


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