King George V

Standard Name: George V, King


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death Gertrude Bell
King George V sent a letter of condolence to her parents. GB left £50,000 in her will to the Baghdad Museum , which she had founded. A plaque was set up there commemorating her, and...
Family and Intimate relationships Evelyn Underhill
EU 's father, Arthur Underhill , followed in his own father's footsteps to become a lawyer, being called to the bar when he was only twenty-one. He was successful as a barrister, was the author...
Friends, Associates Elma Napier
EN 's aristocratic lineage brought her into contact with many notable government and royal figures. As a young girl, she often visited the fifteenth-century Château de Breteuil, not far from Paris, home of her...
Leisure and Society Mary Wesley
Her family were more interested in her social than her intellectual development. Having been presented at Court (to King George V ) in late 1932, she was presented twice more, to successive monarchs, before the...
Leisure and Society Martin Ross
MR and members of her family visited London for the coronation of George V .
Cronin, John. Somerville and Ross. Bucknell University Press, 1972.
Leisure and Society Leonora Carrington
Shortly before LC turned eighteen, she was presented at Buckingham Palace and joined the spring's coming out season for debutantes. This presentation was the first of the season and the last held during George V
Literary Setting Vita Sackville-West
The novel centres on a great house (based, of course, on Knole House) and the central characters' passionate but conflicted feelings for it. These characters, the major ones a duchess and her grown-up son...
Material Conditions of Writing Susan Tweedsmuir
ST , already a biographer, published The Scent of Water, a novel, written while court mourning for George V made a temporary hiatus in her official engagements as wife of the Governor-General of Canada...
Occupation Rosita Forbes
This launched a period as a celebrity, lecturing and receiving acclaim for her adventures. According to her obituary she was the heroine of the hour, summoned by the king for a personal account of her...
politics George Egerton
The protesters marched to Buckingham Palace, where King George V and Queen Mary appeared on the balcony.
Egerton, George. A Leaf from the Yellow Book. White, Terence de VereEditor , Richards Press, 1958.
politics H. D.
Intensely political about issues involving war and pacifism, HD nevertheless limited her interest to particular areas of politics only. A few years before this she had been deeply invested in the British royal family, putting...
politics Virginia Woolf
However, she grew to be strongly opposed to most political and cultural institutions in their current form, regardless of their expressed ideologies. Public response to the British monarchy, which on the occasion of the funeral...
Publishing Enid Blyton
EB did, however, continue to compose poetry for an adult readership, some of it the expression of political opinion. Teachers' World published three of her poems marking royal occasions: King George V 's silver jubilee...
Textual Production Lady Cynthia Asquith
LCA produced lives of two members of the royal family. The Duchess of York (about the woman later much loved as Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother) appeared in spring 1928, and God Save the King...


6 May 1910
King Edward VII died, and George V assumed the throne; Virginia Woolf dated a section of The Years from the old king's death.
The collection known as the King's Music Library was given on permanent loan to the British Museum by King George V .
16 May 1911
King George V unveiled the Queen Victoria Memorial in front of Buckingham Palace, and knighted its designer, Thomas Brock .
September 1911
The first official airmail service in Britain began.
12 December 1911
At a durbar or massive outdoor gathering in Delhi, King George V was crowned Emperor of India, in the presence of 200 Indian princes and 80,000 of India's great and good.
2 July 1912
King George V was present at the first Royal Command Variety Performance at the Palace Theatre in London.
4 June 1913
Women's Social and Political Union supporter Emily Wilding Davison threw herself in front of the king 's horse at the Epsom Derby; she died from her injuries several days later.
14 October 1914
Princess Mary (third child and only daughter of King George V and Queen Mary ) launched the Christmas Gift Fund to help send a Christmas present from the whole nation to every sailor afloat and...
15 July 1916
King George V opened the National Library of Wales at its new site overlooking Aberystwyth and Cardigan Bay.
June 1917
King George created the Order of the British Empire and the Order of the Companions of Honour, open to both men and women.
17 July 1917
George V informed the Privy Council that the royal family (all his subjects descended from Queen Victoria) would take the surname of Windsor.
22 June 1921
George V opened the Northern Ireland parliament with a conciliatory speech as the British government initiated negotiations on the relations between Ireland proper and Ulster (the Six Counties in the North).
King George V opened the new Wimbledon tennis courts for the All England Lawn Tennis Club , with seats for 14,000.
23 April 1924
The British Empire Exhibition opened at Wembley with a speech by King George V —his first broadcast speech on the BBC .
21 January 1930
King George V 's speech from the House of Lords opening the London Naval Conference was broadcast by the BBC to several countries around the world.