Robert Williams Buchanan

Standard Name: Buchanan, Robert Williams
Used Form: R. W. Buchanan


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Family and Intimate relationships Harriett Jay
HJ lost the last remaining member of her adopted family when her co-writer Robert Buchanan died from the lingering effect of a stroke he had suffered eight months before.
Jay, Harriett. Robert Buchanan. AMS, 1970.
Family and Intimate relationships Harriett Jay
For reasons unknown, HJ (then aged about seven or eight) was adopted by her elder sister and brother-in-law, Mary and Robert Buchanan (who, it seems, were unable to have children of their own).
Jay, Harriett. Robert Buchanan. AMS, 1970.
Family and Intimate relationships Harriett Jay
Although Robert Williams Buchanan was technically HJ 's brother-in-law, he adopted her while she was still a child. He was a poet, novelist, and playwright, and his writing life became closely intertwined with hers, as...
Family and Intimate relationships Harriett Jay
Buchanan 's notorious literary and personal attack on Swinburne (titled The Fleshly School of Poetry and glancing also at Dante Gabriel Rossetti ) with the controversy which it generated, took place during his years at...
Health Dante Gabriel Rossetti
The strain DGR felt from the negative reception of his Poems, and particularly the attacks of R. W. Buchanan on their sensuality, took their toll: he became paranoid and delusional, and a week later...
Intertextuality and Influence Rhoda Broughton
RB was convinced that Nancy would be a failure (and threatened in that case to stop writing), as she told Richard Bentley in a letter bemoaning a negative review in Pall Mall.
Sadleir, Michael. Things Past. Constable, 1944.
Literary responses Harriett Jay
Critical reaction to The Priest's Blessing was again mixed. The Graphic found this powerful study of the heart and mind of a savage unmarred by any word of conventional sentiment.
Jay, Harriett. My Connaught Cousins. F.V. White, 1883.
3: front matter
The North...
Literary responses Mary Elizabeth Braddon
Robert Buchanan in the Athenæum speculated that the author was a woman, and called the poem a rhythmical paraphrase of the prose popularized by the Times Correspondents.
Athenæum. J. Lection.
1739 (1861): 259
He detected the influence of...
Literary responses Robert Browning
The praise in 1869 was resounding. Robert Buchanan in the Athenæum hailed it as beyond all parallel the supremest poetical achievement of our time, and the London Quarterly was convinced that Pompilia would rank among...
Occupation Harriett Jay
Alone in London opened in its title city by 22 October 1885, and in it Jay again took the stage. On 22 February of the next year she and Buchanan took this play on the...
Occupation Harriett Jay
HJ opened in a male role (that of Cecil Brookfield, son of the heroine) in Buchanan 's Lady Clare at the Globe Theatre .
“Notices”. Times, No. 30784, p. 8.
30784 (03 April 1883): 8
“The Times Column Of New Books and New Editions”. Times, No. 30820, p. 6.
30820 (15 May 1883): 6
Occupation Dante Gabriel Rossetti
DGR was strenuously attacked for his Poems by R. W. Buchanan in October 1871 as a proponent of The Fleshly School of Poetry.
Marsh, Jan. Dante Gabriel Rossetti: Painter and Poet. Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1999.
Occupation Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Despite the strain and health problems, in his later years DGR worked intermittently at painting and writing, composing the pieces The Stealthy School of Criticism (published in the Athenæum on 16 December 1871) and Scotch...
Occupation Algernon Charles Swinburne
Poems and Ballads appeared in 1866. This highly controversial collection, following closely on the heels of two successful plays, firmly established his literary reputation. He published an illustrated book of literary criticism, William Blake ...
Performance of text Harriett Jay
Robert Buchanan and HJ 's co-written, three-act comedy The Strange Adventures of Miss Brown opened at the Vaudeville Theatre in London. Jay used a pseudonym, Charles Marlowe, for this and all later co-written...


Later 1866
Robert Williams Buchanan published an essay on Immorality in Authorship in the Fortnightly Review, and, under the pseudonym of Caliban in the Spectator, attacked Swinburne in a poem called The Session of the Poets.
25 April 1870
Dante Gabriel Rossetti published a collection of Poems, which included Sister Helen, Jenny, and the first part of his sonnet sequence The House of Life.
16 May 1871
Henry S. King (husband of the poet Harriet Hamilton King ) set up the publishing firm H. S. King and Co. at 65 Cornhill, London; taken over by Charles Kegan Paul in 1877, it...
October 1871
Robert Williams Buchanan published in the Contemporary Review, under the pseudonym Thomas Maitland, his critique of what he dubbed The Fleshly School of Poetry: Mr. D. G. Rossetti.
The conflict over the morality and aesthetics of verse between Robert Williams Buchanan and Algernon Charles Swinburne came to a head in a libel suit.
31 May 1898
George Bedborough , secretary of the Legitimation League which sought to change the law to improve the position of illegitimate children, was arrested, largely in an attempt to damage the League through him.