Osbert Sitwell

Standard Name: Sitwell, Osbert


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Education Doreen Wallace
At Somerville DW became a close friend of Dorothy Sayers (their religious and political disagreements later drove them apart) and in her circle met Vera Brittain , Winifred Holtby , and theSitwells .
Leonardi, Susan J. Dangerous by Degrees: Women at Oxford and the Somerville College Novelists. Rutgers University Press, 1989.
Education Edith Sitwell
ES 's grandmother Sitwell engaged Helen Rootham as a governess for Edith; she enlisted the help of eleven-year-old Osbert in making her choice.
Glendinning, Victoria. Edith Sitwell. Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1981.
Family and Intimate relationships Edith Sitwell
Osbert and Sacheverell Sitwell were both introduced to the world of the imagination by Edith, and considered their elder sister as a mentor. Later, the three of them became what Osbert termed a closed corporation...
Family and Intimate relationships Edith Sitwell
Her brother Osbert was found in summer 1950 to have Parkinson's disease. His health deteriorated steadily. As well as being grieved by his illness, Edith was angered by David Horner's behaviour in this emergency.
Family and Intimate relationships Violet Trefusis
Violet Keppel (later VT ) began a short engagement to Osbert Sitwell .
Souhami, Diana. Mrs. Keppel and Her Daughter. Flamingo, 1997.
Fictionalization Ada Leverson
Several of AL 's literary friends—Harold Acton , Osbert Sitwell —left more or less fictionalised portraits of her; but these turn much more on her character and public image than on her writing.
Burkhart, Charles. Ada Leverson. Twayne, 1973.
Friends, Associates Bryher
The flat became a gathering place for friends including the Sitwells (Bryher grew especially close to Edith and Osbert ), Elizabeth Bowen , and Ivy Compton-Burnett .
Schaffner, Perdita. “Keeper of the Flame”. H.D., Woman and Poet, edited by Michael King, National Poetry Foundation, 1986, pp. 27 -33.
Bryher,. The Days of Mars. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1972.
While in London, Bryher increased the...
Friends, Associates Virginia Woolf
Later, however, Bloomsbury was attacked as an arrogant, self-regarding, immoral, upper-class clique. D. H. Lawrence said Keynes and his friends were black beetles, and in Women in Love he attacked the group's aesthetic in...
Friends, Associates Nancy Cunard
Her boredom with this life (her mother's social milieu) was something that she shared with her friend Iris Tree , also a poet. Despite her antipathy towards it, this life presented her with important literary...
Friends, Associates Ada Leverson
During the 1920s she came to count the Sitwells among her close friends. She once sent a laurel crown to Edith Sitwell , and she attended the first performance of Façade at the Aeolian Hall
Friends, Associates Virginia Woolf
By the time of the move to Tavistock Square, VW began to socialize more than she had in years. She circulated with Bloomsbury familiars and (re)acquainted herself with Rebecca West , Rose Macaulay ,...
Friends, Associates Ada Leverson
Her pleasure in European travel included spending time with young friends: Harold Acton , Ronald Firbank , the Sitwellbrothers , and the young composer William Walton .
Speedie, Julie. Wonderful Sphinx: The Biography of Ada Leverson. Virago, 1993.
Wyndham, Violet. The Sphinx and Her Circle: A Biographical Sketch of Ada Leverson 1862-1933. A. Deutsch, 1963.
Friends, Associates Ella Hepworth Dixon
She often stayed with Count and Countess Lützow in Bohemia, where in 1903 she met Sibell, Countess of Cromartie , whom she described as one of my firmest friends ever since.
Dixon, Ella Hepworth. "As I Knew Them". Huchinson, 1930.
Through the...
Friends, Associates Pamela Frankau
Her aunt Eliza Aria introduced the very young PF to many of her older, god-like friends: first of all actress Sybil Thorndike and writers Michael Arlen and Osbert Sitwell .
Frankau, Pamela. I Find Four People. I. Nicholson and Watson, 1935.
Later came John Van Druten
Friends, Associates Nina Hamnett
She took up old friendships, making visits out of wartime London to Sophie Gaudier-Brzeska in Gloucestershire and Roger Fry at Guildford (where Lady Strachey led the party in evening literary games). She breakfasted regularly with...


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