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Material Conditions of Writing Cecily Mackworth
CM was in Berlin when fire was set to the Reichstag or parliament on 27 February 1933. This caused political panic and gains for the young Adolf Hitler . It was understood that the Nazis
politics Amabel Williams-Ellis
On behalf of the United Front , AWE travelled to Berlin in order to investigate the case of three Bulgarian men acquitted but still in jail in connection with Martinus van der Lubbe and the...


September 1930
The GermanNational Socialist Party (the Nazis) made significant gains in elections for the Reichstag .
November 1932
The GermanNational Socialist Party (the Nazis) lost ground in the Reichstag elections.
27 February 1933
A fire at the parliament building or Reichstag in Berlin was used by Hitler to incite fears of a Communist takeover.