Duke's Company


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Performance of text Elizabeth Polwhele
EP wrote her first surviving play, The Faithful Virgins, a rhyming tragedy, which was apparently performed by the Duke's Company at Lincoln's Inn Fields .
It has been dated June 1663, but editors Milhous


Late June 1661
Sir William Davenant 's theatre company, the Duke's , opened at a new theatre in Lincoln's Inn Fields, after some months at the Salisbury Court theatre.
29-30 August 1663
The Lord Chamberlain ordered the arrest of all actors performing without affiliation with the two patent houses (the King's Company , managed by Thomas Killigrew , and the Duke's Company , managed by Sir William Davenant ).
9 November 1671
The Duke's Company (now managed by Lady Davenant ) opened a splendid new theatre in Dorset Garden, London.
26 March 1674
The King's Company opened at its new Drury Lane Theatre , in Drury Lane, still under the management of Thomas Killigrew .
9 September 1676
Charles Hart , Michael Mohun , Edward Kynaston , and William Cartwright were appointed by the Lord Chamberlain to manage Drury Lane Theatre .
16 November 1682
The recently-formed United Company gave its first stage performance at Drury Lane Theatre .