William Cartwright

Standard Name: Cartwright, William


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Textual Production Katherine Philips
KP first appeared in print, with commendatory verses in the Cavalier poet William Cartwright 's posthumous Comedies,Tragi-Comedies, with other Poems.
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1: 357


9 September 1676: Charles Hart, Michael Mohun, Edward Kynaston,...

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9 September 1676

Charles Hart , Michael Mohun , Edward Kynaston , and William Cartwright were appointed by the Lord Chamberlain to manage Drury Lane Theatre .


Philips, Katherine, and William Cartwright. “To the most Ingenious and Virtuous Gentleman Mr. William Cartwright, my much valued Friend”. Comedies, Tragi-Comedies, with Other Poems, First, Humphrey Moseley, 1651.