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Cultural formation Anna Atkins
She was born into the English professional class and was presumably white; her father was educated at Eton and at Queen's College, Cambridge . During the early years of her childhood her family was well...
Education Percy Bysshe Shelley
As a schoolboy at EtonPBS opposed the system of fagging (allotting junior boys virtually as private slaves to wait on older ones). He was expelled by University College, Oxford (which later set up a...
Education Frances Cornford
Although her step-brother Bernard went to Eton , Frances Cornford received her education at home, and sometimes shared classes with her nearby cousins, one of whom was Gwen Darwin , later Raverat.
Cornford, Hugh, Gwen Raverat, Christopher Cornford, Frances Cornford, Gwen Raverat, and Christopher Cornford. “Frances Cornford 1886-1960”. Selected Poems, edited by Jane Dowson and Jane Dowson, Enitharmon Press, 1996, p. xxvii - xxxvii.
Raverat, Gwen. Period Piece: A Cambridge Childhood. Faber and Faber, 1977.
Education Aldous Huxley
AH 's first school was Prior's Field (founded by his mother as a progressive institution for girls), where his presence was a tolerated anomaly. With a cousin, he then attended a boys' preparatory boarding school...
Education Algernon Charles Swinburne
ACS began his studies at Eton .
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray, Brian Harrison, and Lawrence Goldman, editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Education Henry Fielding
HF attended Eton , and four years after leaving school enrolled for a while at the University of Leiden . After the premature end of his career as a theatre manager he enrolled as a...
Education George Orwell
Brought back to England at the age of three, Eric Blair (later GO ) was enabled by a scholarship and contributions from relations to go to St Cyprian's, a well-known but oppressive boys' preparatory school...
Education Mary Elizabeth Coleridge
Later she became interested in Plato . In 1886 she was one of a group of women who began Greek classes at the Hampstead home of poet and scholar William Cory , her longtime friend...
Family and Intimate relationships Anne Halkett
AH 's father, Thomas Murray , Provost of Eton and Preceptor to the future Charles I , died in April 1623, when she was three months old.
Halkett, Anne, and Ann, Lady Fanshawe. “Note on the Text; A Chronology of Anne, Lady Halkett”. The Memoirs of Anne, Lady Halkett and Ann, Lady Fanshawe, edited by John Loftis, Clarendon Press, 1979, pp. 3 - 7.
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Family and Intimate relationships Mary Savage
MS 's son George Savage was born on 18 July 1750 and educated at Eton . He went on to King's College, Cambridge, was ordained and held posts successively as chaplain to a member of...
Family and Intimate relationships Blanche Warre Cornish
Blanche Ritchie married, at Wimborne in Dorset, Francis Cornish , a scholar and writer from a West-Country gentry family, who was a schoolmaster at Eton College .
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Family and Intimate relationships Blanche Warre Cornish
Francis Warre Cornish , husband of BWC , died. He had resigned that April from his positions at Eton .
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(30 August 1916): 9
Family and Intimate relationships Blanche Warre Cornish
He later assumed his mother's birth-name, becoming Warre Cornish. He was older than his wife by seventeen years, and had fallen love with her when she was only sixteen.They had eight children together: in the...
Family and Intimate relationships Julia Strachey
JS 's father, Oliver Strachey , was the sixth son of Sir Richard and Jane Maria, Lady Strachey . He attended Eton , then Balliol College, Oxford ; the family home was in London...
Family and Intimate relationships Matilda Charlotte Houstoun
MCH 's brother John Heneage Jesse ended his time at Eton when he became involved in pranks which forced him to escape on board a yacht to Norway. Employed for many years in the...


30 May 1747
Thomas Gray published Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College.
About 1800
By now more than 70% of peers' eldest sons were educated at one of four top public schools: Eton , Harrow , Westminster , and Winchester .