Women's Local Government Society


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November 1888
17 January 1889
Supported by the Society for Promoting Women as County Councillors , Margaret, Lady Sandhurst , and Jane Cobden became the first women to be elected to the newly formed London County Council .
By 1893
The Women's Local Government Society , whose aim was to support the election of women to all local government offices, was founded by Annie Leigh Browne and other members of the Society for Promoting Women to all Local Government Bodies
The Women's Local Government Society launched a massive campaign to amend the County Council bill to ensure that all women ratepayers would be eligible to vote for the new County Councils; their successful campaign resulted...
February 1899
The Women's Local Government Society fought unsuccessfully for women's right to sit as councillors on the new London borough councils; although women had served as vestry women in London, the House of Lords voted to...
The Women's Local Government Society campaigned against the establishment of the new Local Education Authorities from which women would be excluded; the campaign resulted in the decision to allow women to be appointed directly to...
28 August 1907
The Qualification of Women (County and Borough Councils) Act and Qualification of Women (County and Town Councils) (Scotland) Act allowed women ratepayers to serve as councillors or aldermen on county or borough councils...
Jane Brownlow wrote the Women's Local Government Society handbook, Women's Work in Local Government.