Irish Parliamentary Party


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Textual Production Maud Gonne
MG delivered the first of her many public speeches in England (at Barrow-in-Furness in Lancashire) on behalf of the Irish Parliamentary Party , which at that point she supported.
Bobotis, Andrea. “Rival Maternities: Maud Gonne, Queen Victoria, and the Reign of the Political Mother”. Victorian Studies, No. 1, pp. 63 -83.


17 May 1880
February 1912
Irish Women's Franchise League members held a protest outside the Gresham Hotel, Dublin, where John Redmond and the Irish Parliamentary Party were meeting.
April 1912
John Redmond , leader of the Irish Parliamentary Party , told Irish Women's Franchise League members that he would not promote women's suffrage as it would give the clergy more power.
1 June 1912
Women suffragists, nationalists and trades unionists held a mass meeting in Dublin to insist that female suffrage be included in the Home Rule Bill; their demands were ignored by the Irish Parliamentary Party .
November 1912
The Women's Suffrage Bill and Women's Suffrage Amendments to the Home Rule Bill were defeated in the House of Commons by members of the Irish Parliamentary Party .
The Irish Parliamentary (pro-Home-Rule) Party took an anti-suffrage position; while its members of parliament defeated suffrage amendments to the Home Rule Bill, the Irish Women's Franchise League held protest demonstrations during Home Rule rallies.